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Alfa Giulietta Real Experience - iPad

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Application for Alfa Romeo Giulietta to promote Real Experience event in different location around Italy. This event is for the Alfa Romeo Dealers to promote the Giulietta, giving to users the possibility to: °discover all the features of the car °discover performance details °request a test drive in 3 different modalties. The interface provide an interactive video experience. Users can swipe the car in 4 different point of view and each of them is showing different point of access to related content (video or Interactive pages) There is also a quick overview menu to the direct access to the contents pages, or to activate the automatic content tour mod. Selecting the content macrocategories, the tour starts navigating the app automatically. The app will be released soon also on the Apple store This project was made in LIQID All the videos were made by Frame
  • Video by Salvatore delle Femmine
  • Splash page
  • Focus on Step 01
  • Focus on step 2 point view
  • Focus on step 3 point view 
  • Example of video navigation/interaction for the section transition
  • Focus on step 4. point of view
  • Example of videos navigation/interaction of section transition
  • Led light page
    Users can interact changing the differet mod of the light
  • Xray page
  • Xray lens details.
    Users can move all around the car to discover the structures details
  • Engine page details of the automatic tour mod.
    The Engine is an automatic 3d rotation
  • Automatic content tour Timeline details
  • Discovery area menu. 
  • Quiz on the game page to discover the capacity of Giulietta.
  • Test drive section
  • Request Test drive form

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