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Kvikk Lunsj Sunday trip

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The overall objective for the campaign was to take ownership of our official hiking day - Sunday - and consolidate its position as the hiking chocolate. The campaign is a cooperation with advertising agency SMFB. We developed an app that both gave added value to hikes in terms of utility and entertainment, where users create, receive and consume relevant hiking content. With the app people can search for hikes nearby, or anywhere else in the country, making use of a database of many thousand hikes. To add some fun to the app, we created a treasure hunt, only available on sundays. The app creates virtual lottery tickets 2 kilometers from the users location. When you reach that point, this ticket is added to your "backpack". To further add to the challenge, you can get medals for walking distance and for contributing hikes to the database. The app became Norway’s most downloaded app in AppStore.

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