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Tate Gallery app

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This is the tate gallery mobile application which is a virtual way of browsing the artists exhibitions (free ones at least). It also works as your personal gallery helper/expert by giving you background information on individual artworks
  • Tate Gallery app
    September 2009
  • Well this is something I dreamt up whilst on a trip to the Tate last year. I was walking around taking pics with my phone. I thought wouldn't it be cool if I could point my camera at a picture in the gallery and be shown background information relating to the picture there and then. So that was the core idea of the app really - use it to guide you around the gallery and show you information related to specific artworks. The other features of the app would be the ability to view and pre-book for particular events and exhibitions.
    You would also be able to shop tate products directly from the application.

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